TINP Company presents the new fundamental Approach for studies of natural and artificial fractures.  New approach is named Common Scattering Point Approach (CSP-Approach).

logofrFirst method which realizes our CSP-Approach performs the mapping of pre-existing or the natural fractures. Method is called FractureCSP.

logomsrSecond method uses the induced seismicity and performs the mapping   of artificial fractures. Method is called MicroseismicCSP.

CSP-Approach is the basis of the two technologies designed to optimize costs in the development of hydrocarbon fields :

  • CSP-SHD (CSP Smart Horizontal Drilling) - technology of choice the optimal  trajectory of horizontal drilling in order to maximize production rate, at the design stage of field development, followed by mapping areas technogenic fractures formed in the process of geological and engineering operations (hydraulic fracturing, waterflooding etc.)
  • CSP-PRM (CSP Permanent Reservoir Monitoring) - integrated technology of Permanent Reservoir Monitoring  based on the high-density seismic acquisition system  and using the methods FractureCSP and   MicroseismicCSP.